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JSC Consulting Engineers - HUGHESDALE OFFICE (MAIN)
15 Willesden Road,
Hughesdale, Vic, 3166

Tel: 03 9568 0911

Fax: 03 9569 7239


JSC Consulting Engineers - CHELTENHAM Office (bY Appointment Only)
344 Bay Road,
Cheltenham, VIC 3192

Tel: 03 9583 9061

Fax: 03 9583 9061


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We welcome any queries to the preceeding details, and we hope that we may be of assistance to you in the very near future.

Please contact us via the email link at the bottom of this page. Thankyou

Our staff have the experience, understanding and commitment to satisfy its clients’ project needs, and this determination attitude has proven to be an asset to the organization. Our broad and flexible services allow for fast and easy adaption to our clients needs. Aside from the vast experience in the three major development categories (commercial, industrial and residential), JSC also has embarked on many special projects.

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